Preserve Reasonable Shoreline Management

Preserve Responsible Shoreline Management

Preserve Rational Shoreline Management

"In August 2014 a group of concerned Bainbridge Island Shoreline Homeowners banded together to legally fight the effects of the Shoreline Management Plan (SMP) recently passed by our City Council."

About the Citizen Task Force Groups... "I didn't realize what was happening until the day the Task Force considered the shoreline designation map.   The planners had the Work Groups and the Task Force complete the regulations for the Shoreline Residential and Shoreline Residential Conservancy before there was a map showing where these areas would be.  Over 60% of the residential areas were proposed to be designated as Residential Conservancy which would mean wide buffers and very restrictive regulations.  This was not what we expected, but our vote against the map's designations was again, a split vote, and the staff could then say that both the Work Groups and the Task Force voted for the regulations and the map." Alice Tawressy, Eagle Harbor Past Mayor

"I’ve read the SMP. Or should I say "tried" to read it.  It is bad news for every shoreline waterfront homeowner because it takes away historical property rights and puts stupid restrictions on the 200 foot perimeter of Bainbridge. When I learned land use attorney John Hempelmann was taking the lead on this case I knew it was serious and I was in. Anyone living on the Bainbridge Shoreline should educate himself as to what the SMP means. Your water views, what you can plant or trim, what you can build or rebuild and your beach access are now all significantly affected. The only way to fight it is through legal action and these PRSM folks have taken the lead. If you know the truth about the SMP you will want to support these people to protect your waterfront property rights." Gary Waterman, Wing Point

"The current SMP is a travesty.  The public process was flawed, if not corrupt, as you will see when the truth comes out.  The SMA and GMA outline specific rules and guidelines for the SMP.  They were ignored.  This alone should invalidate the SMP.  In addition, much of the current SMP is unconstitutional in the State of Washington and contravenes the 5th and 14th amendments of the U.S. Constitution.  This is what happens when zealots get their way and there’s no adult supervision at City Hall." Bob Hacker, Blakley Harbor

"The SMP provides an unconstitutional limitation upon the use of waterfront residential property without any documentation of environmental necessity to the limitations in use."  Hal Snow, Attorney Point Monroe




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